Magnetic Dress-Up


The holidays are coming closer in big steps. And I have gift ideas for our little Ella are on my mind. I know she’d love these: Melissa and Doug Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up. The boy version,Joey, available as well.

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  1. Boy/Girl twins I nanny for just got these and I offer this caveat: The boy version is firefighter, police officer, construction worker, superhero, etc. and the girl is all (presumably) fashionable outfits. We kind of mix and match it all together, and still have fun with a well-made toy, but all the same makes me a wee bit sad….

  2. Just ordered this exact item this morning. :-)

  3. This really is the perfect gift, I was a nanny for a long time and every kid loved this and now both my girls do too.

  4. My daughter loves it! She got it for Christmas last year and still plays with it now and then!

  5. Alicia loves them, she plays for hours.

  6. Alicia loves them, she plays for hours.

  7. Alicia loves them, she plays for hours.

  8. I work at a small toy store and we have many Melissa and Doug items. I love the wood and I think many mothers and children do as well because they sell!

  9. I think our daughter and perhaps our son might love these.

  10. Or, better yet, you can make your own–with a photo of the child who will be playing with them.