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John and I launched version 2 of today! Abitare is a wonderful gift and accessory store in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. Together with John Ford of Aldenta, I had the pleasure to design and build abitare’s first web presence. Up until yesterday you had to email the store owners to order a product but starting today the order button says ‘add to cart’ instead of ’email to order’! Besides adding the full blown e-commerce capabilities we’ve also added product categories and a product thumbnail navigation once you’re on a product detail page.

Abitare is one of my favorite stores in my neighborhood and the owners, Lizzie and Joanne, have made it on the very top of my list of ‘favorite client ever’. If you’ve started your holiday gift shopping already, check their site or better, drop by their lovely store on Henry Street.

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  1. The color hurts my eyes.

  2. Great work and very “Scandinavian”! Elegant simplicity with a touch of fun. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Very nice!