visualized screen resolution stats


Methodologie visualized screen resolution stats. Smart.

(via twitter:royalbacon)

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  1. oh so handy. there need to be more smart and simple guides like this on the web.

  2. Great desktop picture!
    I don’t think it should be used as a guideline for web standards. I think you could begin to identify particular user groups according to their screen size. Rather then assuming all users are equal.

  3. I second “The Supermarket’s” comment.

    Using the size of the screen instead of the size of the browser window is and was always a bad idea. The larger the screen the less likely it is that the user uses the full screen just for the browser.

  4. What am I missing? The stats on that just don’t make any sense to me.

  5. I’m with Bryan. There are no baseline metrics. I have no idea what the Legacy 2 group represents. And why is it the largest figure? Meanwhile, the graph does not correlate with the percentages at all.

    Would it have been so difficult to have a four line list, each one representing the usage of a particular group?

  6. Such good feedback! We’ll see about incorporating more information about Legacy versus Popular in the next version. It means something to us internally, but would be good if it were more obvious to all the users now linking to the page (335 as of right now, all because of your post).

    Thanks for the link, swissmiss! Now, can you edit your post to spell Methodologie correctly? ;)

  7. Royal. Echoing Alain, it would be great to know more about your “Legacy” and “Popular” groupings if that data isn’t sensitive. Are you accounting for some sort of toolbar / browser chrome difference between “Legacy 1” and “Popular”? It might be interesting to try try your methods. Loving the grid treatment.