what a lovely name


What a Lovely Name is a web application that not only helps you generate a baby name based on tags — cute, wise, quirky — and a combination thereof but it also generates a (relatively) custom logo that you can then magically export to zazzle and get all kinds of merchandise.

(via quipsologies)

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  1. I love the concept, but some of those names are really bad in my opinion. Maybe I’m just too much of a traditionalist. Whatever happened to Sue or Jack?

  2. @ heather

    You have to change the settings to “Traditions” and then pick your country. Then you will get more “traditional’ names.

  3. Wow. Personally so very topical, we were going through lists of names last night, and finding definitions in books. This is much more fun, even if it’s missing some of our more off-the-wall options – but hey, you can always recommend they add “Moon Unit”.

    Oh. Frank Zappa beat me to it :)

    (Off-topic – Tina, your Kids Stuff category is a new bible for me. Doesn’t life change, eh?)

  4. brilliant!
    thanks for this T.