Felt SnowFlake


Felt SnowFlake Ornaments, made in Germany. (When I hear ‘made in..’ I instantly expect to hear China these days. How refreshing to hear a European country for once!)

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  1. I think you mean expect, not except =P. But my 6 year old daughter gets SO angry about the “made in china” tag on things. She always asks why there isn’t anything made in the USA. Kinda sad.

  2. geoffrey: ops, corrected the typo.

  3. Hi,
    We have corresponded a bit with you – my partner Urs is from Bern. Our store in Fremont is ALL indigenous European items. Not a thing is outsourced – that is our creed. It all must be made where it is designed. Everyone who comes in gets big eyes when we tell them that – they love the concept. We have Swiss items too!
    Love your blog Tina! Tschuss! Leslie

  4. I look for american made products also but unfortunately the truth is that its just cheaper to produce things in other countries. Maybe someday it won’t be that way, but for now that’s how it is done and we can either accept it or boycott. Also refreshing to see European products. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i get the same kind of reactions lately – ‘Made in the USA’ is starting to be more comon around us since we started to buy organic and fair trade most of the time… like it a lot!

  6. You are so right…