Picture_3 is a directory of all Swiss Twitter Users. Check out the Directory page. Obviously Twitter has not really taken off yet in Switzerland…

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  1. Twitter hasn’t taken off yet, and I would say it’s partly due to the prohibitive data plans of mobile carriers here in Switzerland. So you can’t twitt anytime & anywhere cheaply :(
    E.g. we don’t get unlimited data plans coming with the iPhone like in the U.S.

  2. My husband will be grateful to you, if this helps convince me to join him on his next climbing trip to Suisse! Right now, Helvetia is no option because he doesn’t want to be without babyboy & moi for more than 1 night… guess I should look into it some more! Tnx!

    Fingers crossed sat&sun when he’s taking part in the Dutch National Bouldering Championship… (

  3. Man könnte ja auch auf den fiesen Gedanken kommen, ein altes Vorurteil bestätigt zu sehen… ;-)

    Viele liebe Grüsse,

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