Today’s CreativeMornings with Zach Klein and Casey Pugh


Today’s CreativeMornings was a success. Hosted in the amazing MEET space in SOHO and sponsored by the fantastic Behance with a presentation from the truly awesome Zach Klein and Casey Pugh. Today’s talk was about physical computing. What’s that? Check out the page they made – – to learn a bit more about the technical stuff they were talking about. Part of what’s helping physical computing emerge more is Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform. Zach and Casey showed some simple circuit controls using LED Lights and Arduino, and then demoed a Daft Punk helmet with super cool flashing messages. They went one step beyond that and showed a flash interface they had written, where what you drew on the computer was transmitted to the LEDs on the helmet. Physical and digital interacting in real time. The whole thing really highlights the potential for potential collaborations between artists, designers and engineers.

Check out some pictures of the talk here. Did you participate and take pictures? Please consider adding them to the CreativeMornings Flickr Pool. And we will upload a video of the talk next week. Roland Lazarte, a freshman at NYU is volunteering his time and expertise and is filming the talks. A big thank you also to our Virtual Skype Guest Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel from São Paulo, Brazil.


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  1. When is the next Creative Morning?!

    -Anxious guest

  2. Oh I wish we had those here in Philadelphia. Maybe someday I’ll venture up to New York and attend one.