Konigi OmniGraffle Wireframe Icon Set


The Konigi OmniGraffle Wireframe Icon Set is a set of grayscale cursors and icons that come in handy when designing wireframes, aka user interface schematics.

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  1. Yeah, he’s charging $10 for what is basically a bunch of icons that have already been produced by other people, and some poor re-workings of others.

    Further investigation says that Konigi is the new maintainer of the WireframeShapesAngles stencil I use, and is still free:


  2. CM is correct. Still free, and highly-useful.

  3. Hi, CM and Ian. Just want to clarify.

    This is Michael Angeles. I am the owner of both urlgreyhot and Konigi. I make and maintain both sites and the stencils and icons. All of these documents have always been created by me, so yes, I could be stealing from myself. I have seen some variations based on the Wireframe Stencils over the years, but the ones at Konigi are still mine.

    Keep in mind These are icons for wireframe icons. They’re grayscale images for creating UI specs. Over the years, people have asked me to add icons to the wireframe stencils, so I’ve been doing that, but since these are time consuming I’ve been asking people to pay a small fee for these. Considering that many icon sets with a small number of images may cost you around $20 and up, I don’t think this is a lot to ask.

    -Michael (Konigi and urlgreyhot)

  4. Michael,

    Thanks for the clarification (and Twitter). Yes, I realised that it was on the up-and-up once I went back to your personal website and found the page that mentioned where to get the latest version of the stencil (which is why I added the “upon further investigation” portion of the reply). I agree, there was some ambiguity in the phrasing. I shouldn’t try to do work *and* post to a blog at the same time ;). I apologise for that.

    Although just for the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with charging per se., but that you give away the other stencils which have the vast majority of the icons in them already means I won’t be buying them, as an “icons only” set doesn’t have as much value *to me*, although I am sure (and I hope) others think otherwise.

    So thanks much for the stencils, they really are quite tight. The one suggestion I’d have is to make those icons in OG, so the fills/strokes are editable. That’d be super useful.