House Industries Alexander Girard Memory Game


Alexander Girard originally created the images used in this memory game for his environmental enrichment panels that he designed to spice up Herman Miller’s Action Office plan. Each game comes with 72 pieces and a limited-edition wooden box. Made in the USA out of replenishable basswood and printed with child-safe non-toxic inks. Wonderful. Make sure to also check out the building blocks. Our little Ella is coo-coo about them! And then the dolls, they make me smile!

(thank you andy)

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  1. Man, just when I’m trying to be less of a consumerist this comes along:) Must resist the gorgeous memory game…

  2. Well I just ordered the alphabet blocks – I’m hoping they look and feel as beautiful as their images on the site.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous and expensive! Does anyone else find it annoying you have to click on “Buy Me” to find out the price and then remove it from the shopping cart? Bad interface design, House Industries.

  4. Michael, not true, the price of the Memory Game is next to the title. But I agree, the price should be closer to the Buy me button.