Mailer by Sam Potts

What a wonderful surprise I’ve had in my mailbox this morning! Sam Potts sent me a beautifully designed booklet of Barack Obama’s Speech he gave in March of 2008 in the midst of the Reverend Wright controversy. Sam Potts writes:

With Best Wishes for new year, A New Administration and a New Era

Thank you Sam!


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  1. Thanks for the nice note, Tina! I have about 30 left if anyone would like one. They are entirely printed and bound and assembled by me (with thanks to Hulu for keeping me company). –Sam Potts

  2. Sam, I would definitely like one, let me know how. danburbul at

  3. Sam, I’m very interested. Could you please please please send me information to emarchak at gmail dot com?

  4. Hey Sam, count me as second in line.
    The book looks beautiful.

  5. Me, me, me.

    I would love one.



  6. Thank you all for the nice sentiments. Please email me with your postal mailing address — it’s just that simple. I don’t need your email address. [email protected]

  7. Wow!! What a great gift! Just sooo nice.

  8. wow! beautiful. i want one! i clicked to comment to ask if they were for sale anywhere.

  9. Thanks to everyone who emailed and thanks especially to Tina for the posting. I was not expecting much response, but am very gratified that people asked to get copies. They are now all gone. Next time I’ll make more.
    Thanks Tina!

  10. Too bad I missed out. Really lovely work, and a wonderful and appropriate sentiment.

  11. Wanted to leave a message that Sam Potts is a super nice guy.

    Gracious and generous (not to mention talented, have you seen this guy’s website?).

    The world needs more folks like Sam!

  12. That is gorgeous. Is that Futura at the top of the last photo?

    The Obama campaign also designed and printed a very nice-looking copy of the speech last year that might interest typophiles. Here are some photos of my copy:

  13. I think Sam is onto something……

  14. Sam,

    I would love a copy of your beautiful version of President Obama’s speech. I would be happy to trade you a copy of my new year’s card which is a condensed version of the same thoughts and sentiments.


  15. Hey Sam, just received the mailer today. Looks great, and what a perfect size. Posted a few photos to my flickr account here: