99% | Seth Godin


My personal highlight of today was Seth Godin. Here’s a few points he made during his entertaining and prop filled 20minute talk (he had a plastic chicken with him, really):

– You don’t need to be more creative, all of you are too creative.

– Be a person that always ends up ‘shipping’. If you are proud of what you ‘ship’ and are on time, you will be successful and you will get to do it over and over again. What you do for a living is ‘ship’ and not ‘being creative’.

– The resistance gets worse and worse the closer we get to ‘shipping’. Of course we come to the meeting before ship date as our ‘lizard brain’ says I need to speak up now. The genius part (in getting ideas realized) is to get the Lizard brain to shut up long enough to overcome resistance.

The last point he made was that if he is going to take the first two breaths (going to first steps in a project) he is going to finish it. So he has a lot of arguments and discussions with ‘lizard brain’ in the beginning. But once he decides to continue, he takes it all the way. He will ‘ship’.

You can tell that he really looks at presenting at a conference as an honor and not an obligation. Seth was a breath of fresh air and an already amazing conference. (Recent post on his site, somewhat related: Hierarchy of presentations)

I wish he would have had more time to talk. I could have listened to Seth all day.

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  1. How I would have loved to been there too. Thank you for giving us a blog-eye view!

  2. I wish you had posted a photo of Seth Godin with the plastic chicken!

  3. looking forward to see him next week in Montreal!

  4. Thank you so much for reporting on this, Swiss Miss. That key filled-in the most critical missing piece I had yet to learn! Life changing.

  5. I too wish I could see a Seth GODin presentation one day! He is a marketing genius (based on what i’ve read in his books!) and I imagine he is an even better presenter. These are really cool points, thanks for sharing!

  6. i’m going to buy one his books and see what else he has to say!

  7. @chris — save yourself the trips and buy all of his books. simply amazing.

  8. very, very nice!
    quoted and translated your post on my blog.


  9. will anyone every post video of the speech he gave at 99%? why not spread the genius?

  10. Hi Tina, i just discovered your site. Can you tell me where Seth Goodin was speaking here?