DUMBO AIGA Event: Stories From The Front


Ever wonder what other designers do or say to get their jobs? Finally, your chance to be a fly on the wall for other designers’ presentations. Five design icons will recreate actual presentations that won work or solved problems, demonstrating skills in PowerPoint, patter, and bravura. Short descriptions of the original RFP/Design Briefs will be presented so that we’ll know what the presenters received before creating their solutions. This recession-special event combines revelatory techniques on how designers win jobs—and lots of drinking. The five presentations will be followed by open questions, honest answers, and genuine commiseration from the audience. This event will be hosted in DUMBO, at Galapagos, an event space equipped with a bar.

AIGA | Stories From The Front: My Dog and Pony
Wednesday 29 April 2009 7:00–8:30PM

The event has been combined with a DUMBO Open Studio Tour beforeheand, swissmiss is one of them!

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  1. Nice Tina! I would come by just to see those fun orange chairs of yours again, but HUGE is one of the stops on the tour as well. Looks like we’ll both be working that night.

  2. Why is there a giant © symbol over the image? Hmmm