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Doodle is an app that is wildly popular in Switzerland, according to my sister. It helps you schedule an event, such as a board meeting, business lunch, conference call, family reunion, movie night, or any other group event. Or it helps you make a choice among movies, menus, travel destinations, or among any other selection. Smart!

(thank you sorella)

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  1. Right. We’re using it for almost every event here in switzrland. “Do U doodle it?” is one of the first questions. Even our night shifts during emergency duty in the small animal hospital we arranged with doodle. :)

  2. It’s how I schedule anything that’s remotely flexible. It’s one of those things that I know will catch on because my sister sent me a Doodle without me telling her about the service first. I hear it’s huge in the academic community.

  3. It is also spreading into Germany, even those who are not internet connaisseurs are using ist. Save sign! (And they have a very cool crew, too)

  4. It’s being used in Luxembourg too :)

  5. I find a bit easier to use.

  6. We’re using it all the time in Lausanne :)