Business Card for Motion Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic Designer Business CardMotion Graphic Designer Business Card

Jose Antonio Contreras designed this wonderfully minimal busincess card for a friend of his, a motion graphic designer. Beautiful!

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  1. I love the font. What is it?

  2. That’s fantastic, such a simple way to convey motion.

  3. Respect Mr. Blank. You moved me for sure.

  4. Brilliant – the ‘M’ makes a zig-zag shape when rotated which seems to make it look even more animated. Great work!

  5. The design is great, but I always feel something isn’t right when a person selling professional services uses a Gmail, Yahoo, local provider or worst AOL as email address. And it hits you as the last thing. The front makes him look so polished and creative and then the email address makes him look rinky-dink.

  6. I kind of feel like the perfect motion graphics business card would be:
    * Lenticular printed animation
    * A flip book

  7. Up until this year, I would’ve agreed with you Peter M.
    But Google has become enough of a juggernaut in connectivity, sharing and networking I think “gmail” is gaining some traction as a mark of digital savviness. For the sake of pure simplicity and convergence it’s hard to justify not using a gmail address for business.

  8. @C4rlo
    Using gmail to host email from your domain is an effortless weekend project. It looks lazy when you don’t consider personal branding.

  9. I kind of agree with @C4rlo & Peter M but I think we shouldn’t.

    A good email address does not make a good designer..

  10. Oh so very clever!
    Love it!

  11. Plenty of professionals use gmail as their primary email address. Yes, Peter M, an email with a “brand name” would look more professional, but so would an office in the middle of Manhattan.
    I think if my email was irrelevant to my name (ex;coolguy@… ), that would be unprofessional.
    I guess it is all a matter of opinion.

    In the end, I think it is the design that should be the focus of this thread, not really the info that the client (me in this case) provided to the designer. You can go on and on about what a perfect business card should look like.

    And I just want to say that I’m extremely happy with what Jose designed for me.

  12. @Michael
    Welcome to the internet.

    Everyone is splitting hairs over inconsequential details. The card is fabulous and gmail doesn’t make you any less talented at motion graphics.

  13. The card’s excellent.

    I used an gmail address for a while, but feedback I received was that it seemed like I was doing my work as a sideline (which it was) to my day job and bigger clients were put off. I have my own domain now.

    It doen’t make me better, but it makes me SEEM better to people who haven’t seen any of my work.

  14. I was wondering how things would be if Mr. Blank had a name starting with a different letter. He should be thankful that his parents named him Michael, instead of Orson or Ivan.

  15. which font is it please?

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