CreativeMornings with Daniel Freitag in Zurich


Swiss readers, listen up: Our July CreativeMornings is going to take place in Zurich at the FREITAG Factory on July 17, 2009. Daniel Freitag, one of the two masterminds behind the FREITAG messenger bag empire, will be our speaker.

This will be our first international CreativeMornings! YAY!

Interested in attending? Make sure to r.s.v.p via email. Please tell us your name and what industry you’re in. (We will later on send you a confirmation email with all the necessary details for the event.) CreativeMornings are free. They start at 8.30am and end at 10am.

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Breakfast will be generously sponsored by two companies:

MailChimp, a fantastic service that makes it easy to send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance.


And Rod Communication AG, a Zurich based communication and strategy agency. A big thank you to our sponsors!


CreativeMornings? ‘CreativeMornings’ is a monthly morning gathering of creative types. Each event includes a 10 minute lecture, followed by a 20 minute group discussion. The gathering begins at 8:30am with the topic presentation starting at 9:00am. The whole thing closes down at 10am. The events are hosted at studios/gallery spaces in NYC. (We are always looking for potential hosts that are willing to accomodate 50+ people. Please email us if you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring one of our events!)

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  1. hurray! creative mornings round the world!

  2. I read the FREITAG book by Lars Muller and thoroughly enjoyed it! Totally wish I could make it but will be out of town ;(

  3. Awesome speaker, super jealous that I’m not in Zurich

  4. Oh Gosh, I really want to come!

  5. oh soooooo gut! ich werd da sein!

  6. Would love to attend, but I’m not Switzerland bound any time soon. Can’t wait to see the recap!

  7. Wah! All the way is Switzerland!?? :( Wish we could have him in NY someday as well!

  8. Oh, I’m so jealous you guys …….! How fun!

  9. I really appreciate your web log and again something about your cup motive struck me: the jumping letters. More for myself I re-crafted your key visual to play around with it a little and found a way out of the small Photoshop bug (once spotted it keeps being visible ;) ). Only if you are interested, I uploaded the results here:

    Anti-Alias set to ‘sharper’:

    Anti-Alias set to ’rounded’:

    Keep up the good work! Love it!

  10. Hello,

    I’m a huge fan of Freitag. This video segment of a new web talk show called Non Sequitur features the positive aspects of the company!

    Enjoy and feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any comments! I wish this CreativeMornings was taking place in NYC!


  11. Thanks so much for organizing, Tina. This must be repeated (if that’s cool with you, Tina). If anyone cares to co-organize with me, I’m in (but not doing it alone!) Let me know, contact me at mathiasmmoeller[at] Here’s what I wrote about it: (Blog post in German to follow in me private blog.)