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etsy feature

Etsy gave me the opportunity to be a guest curator and show off some of my favorite picks. Have a look at what I’ve selected. Thank you Etsy!

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  1. Hi congratulations on the guest curator for Etsy, you picked some really nice stuff in there (the mini chalk mat and crayon play on the go is an inspiration and may well be a purchase for my two boys). Thanks!

    *Completely off-topic can I ask what screensaver that is on the Mac on the right hand side of the picture please?

  2. @Rich: It’s called “Fliqlo”:

    @swissmiss: The Eames plastic office chair you have are quite special (I haven’t seen them with wheels before) – did you get them made somewhere, or do they come like that from stock and it’s just me who haven’t looked closely enough for them?

  3. Great selection Tina! Love the rainbow dress :)

  4. those were great pics!