Ceramic Speakers


Joey Roth, the force behind the much talked about Sorapot now has come out with a new, non tea-related product: Ceramic Speakers.

The Ceramic Speakers are made from porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch. Each material is minimally finished, left to add its natural beauty to the design. The included amplifier is made from stainless steel sheet metal, with a cast iron base and paulownia volume slider. Aside from the electronic components, plastic is completely avoided in the system’s construction.

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  1. Oooo lovely, I love ceramics.

    Not sure about the wooden stands they sit in though, they feel cheap to me.

    I can just imagine someone jigsawing them out in woodshop class at school ;)

    I wonder what size they are. Speakers are getting so small nowadays, but would they make these bigger than needed for aesthetic reasons.

  2. I wish I had money & room for all the cool things I see in the world.