Helvetical and Google Calendar


Helvetical Turns Google Calendar Into a Thing of Beauty

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  1. THANK YOU for this!

  2. After the HelveticaReader which I am addicted to, this comes to add an extra reason to use google products. Can we have a HelveticaInternet please? :)

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Ow, thank you for pointing that out!

  4. Fantastic! I love it.

    I’ve tried fiddling with the code a bit with some success (in combination with other userscripts to get rid of a lot of the space used up top, and be able to toggle the side mini calendars on and off). One thing I’d like to do is have the calendar entried be the same color as the calendar that they belong to, currently this only happens for all day events, all other entries are grey.

    Anyone familiar with coding able to direct me to the right line to change this to colors?

    thanks in advance!