I want to make a Documentary about…

At last week’s CreativeMorning our Conversation Starter Tag asked the following question: If I would make a documentary, it would be about…

What’s your answer?


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  1. The musical group Do Make Say Think.

  2. Oh, I like the “color” answer.

    If I would make a documentary, it would be about finding your own luck.

  3. Mine said “Chickens” and I am totally serious.

  4. Mine would probably be about the people who decide what music is played during certain parts of films.

  5. @swissmiss There’s actually a good documentary on Chickens, but I can’t remember the title right now. It shows the in’s and out’s of a chicken farm.

  6. @Spencer: I’ll have to find that Documentary. My favorite book of all times is about chickens: The Fairest Fowl: Portraits of Championship Chickens. I have had many fun evenings, thanks to this book. Always makes dinner guests laugh…

  7. Lingerie. That is a fascinating subject, both in terms of design / engineering and in terms of the power women’s underthings exert on the popular imagination.

  8. @swissmiss I just spent 20 minutes googling for it. I really hope I didn’t dream this up. I swear I saw a documentary film on chicken farms in my intro to film studies class back in college. All I could find was: http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/iamananimal/, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0291809/, and http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1286537/

  9. early contemporary/electronic music composers.

    (i’m not a native speaker, but shouldn’t that be ‘if i made..’? the double ‘would’ just doesn’t sound right..)

  10. There is a good documentary from Australia/France called ‘Cracking the Colour Code’
    It covers a lot of ground, including colour perception in humans and animals, psychological effects of colour, and the history of colour in the sense of producing paints and dyes among other things colour related.
    It’s worth checking out.

  11. The real life of spammers.

  12. A history of craft brewing in the US.

  13. my immediate response was ‘your mom’ (it’s my standard retort and no, I didn’t mature much past 5 yrs old)…and I’m sticking to it.

  14. If I would make a documentary, it would be about fate.

    @Holly: SHHHHH! That is my future career. Please don’t talk about it to anyone, because I’m trying to keep the field a secret so no one will apply for the positions I want. but if you want to email me, we can talk about it, for your documentary. As long as you don’t make it until after I get famous. [email protected]

  15. If I made a documentary, it would be about planning for and completing that once-in-a-lifetime deal to sell a one-of-a-kind object for huge sums of money!

  16. I want to do/see a documentary on the package and labeling of bottled water companies compared to where that water is actually retrieved.

  17. Why a kid would want to grow up to be a plumber and work with other peoples poo!!!

  18. urban myth: first episode would be about Polybius a vector graphics arcade game in the 80s apparently linked to government mind control conspiracies.

    second episode would be about unicorns or someshit

  19. if i made a documentary, it would blatantly be about typography. typography is god. with a special guest sectionon colour, of course.

    @wayne: LOL

  20. Tricky one… Im fascinated by space but not really clever enough to understand the subject at a high level, so I’d do space, for idiots like me.

    On a slighly different note, I work for a research agency working in conjunction with MTV and Swatch exploring global attitudes to art.

    If you’re interested in art and would like to get involved, then please visit: http://www.playrespond.com and take part in our short survey.

    At the end you’ll get to see how your views on art compare to people from around the world, plus you’ll be entered in for a possible cash prize.

    Off-topic I know, but seems an appropriate crowd…



  21. Stupidity; our abhorrence to knowing things.

  22. I want to make a documentary about the different dialects across North Carolina, from the Outer Banks to the mountains. It’s amazing how different people sound over a short distance. Henry Higgins, I imagine, would find it fascinating (the study, not necessarily the documentary).

  23. The life of a dancer.

  24. I always wanted to a documentary about documentaries………

  25. I would make a documentary about the proper and improper use of “would” in if-sentences.

  26. You have more useful info than the British had coolines pre-WWII.

  27. That is a fascinating subject, both in terms of design / engineering and in terms of the power women’s underthings exert on the popular imagination.

  28. It is finished! Our world premiere will be in Boston, the birthplace of Polaroid.

    April 28
    12:30 pm
    Somerville Theatre
    Somerville, MA