On The Go Dollhouse


home on the go is a compact little campervan of a home. It’s a 13 piece block set with 1300 ways to arrange them! I adore toys like these that leave lots of room for imagination and invite adventure.

(via squeaky stroller)

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  1. Ooh, very nice. Too many toys nowadays have become waaaay too specific (I’m lookin’ at you, Lego, even tho’ I still love you). Yay for toys that let kids’ imaginations roam wild and free.

  2. No offense, but how is this less specific than Lego??

  3. That store is awesome. I just bought the wooden Leica-ish camera for my nephews (or at least that’s what I said to justify it to myself). :-)

  4. Lego has gotten overly specific over the years, IME, Amanda. It’s harder and harder to buy kits that are just comprised of a variety of little bricks that allow a kid to imagine and build whole worlds. Tons of it is now purpose-designed, so you buy a kit that lets you build a particular spacecraft from Star Wars, for instance. It’s become very pre-packaged and designed, it seems, by marketing men. I don’t really like that and my kids have been frustrated by it over the years too.

  5. Oh, and this dollhouse stuff seems to have more leeway for varied configuration than a lot of the Lego I see now. That’s what I meant by my first comment.

  6. Hmm…I blame my ignorance on the fact that my little one is still too young for Lego!

  7. I don’t see a child that’s young enough to play with dolls successfully putting this kit back together.

  8. Very cool …. there needs to be more in the way of compact travel toys for ‘out and about’ type of parents.

  9. Hola SWISS MISS, he visto esta casa en una pagina en España. En kinuma.com tienen esta casa compacta y muchas más cosas de la misma marca Grimm’s, que valora mucho el juguete educativo en plan Waldord y juega preferiblemente con los colores del arco iris. ¡Hay que verlos!

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