If I could have any domain name, it would be…

Below are some of the answers on today’s ConversationStarter Tags at CreativeMorning. I asked the question: “If I could have any domain name, it would be…

See all of the answers in this flickr set. And here are images of today’s CreativeMorning with Matias at the ADC.


(In case you noticed that awesome #fail necklace, it’s by SurvialOfTheHippest. I have a @swissmiss hanging around my neck. Awesome, no?)

What’s your answer to the question?

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  1. Hmm, that’s an interesting question. I’m actually pretty lucky with domain name real estate, as I have a few names that I like.

    In addition to my personal site and business domains, I own (none of which are live yet):

    1) designislife.com
    2) rewritingmyfuture.com
    3) usethemiddleseat.com
    4) whatishappeningrightnow.com
    5) nomoreitalian.com (for my anti-Starbucks shirt)

  2. art.com. You could subdomain out all kinds of things from it.

    And that Survival of the Hippest thing is awesome. I know what I want for christmas now.

  3. I’d love to get my hands on internet.com.

  4. ac.com is my favorite.

  5. all.com but just so I could have the e-mail address of [email protected]

  6. What a nice question! This is my all time restlessness. Even with too many to choose I can’t decide. Maybe my Lastname or literally “lastname.com”? If you have suggestions for mine, let me know! ;)

  7. I loved the breakfast this morning Tina. I’m glad you liked my twitter necklace in return!

  8. I can’t decide between thenaughtyprofessor.com and essentric.com. Oh, and whereimfrom.com. I think you probably shouldn’t go to the first one at work…

  9. me.com – the perfect domain for any “Ich-AG” (a concept by the german government for a one-man company)

  10. Oh how I wish I owned badassmofo.com. That would rock the awesome.

  11. i rather like keep.com (and carry on)

  12. google.com

    @Jeff Koromi – I own thissiteisfineart.com, but I don’t know what to do with it…

  13. I wish I had cozy.ca, so I could retire cozycabbage.com and change it to cozy.ca/bbage. Like with Shaun Inman has with shaun.in/man.

    Minimalist and lovely, and I could use the four-letter domain name for some great short-urls.

  14. Hey, designers, where is your “out of the box” thinking? You do not include “www.” but still can’t let go “.com”, which is domain name itself. Did anyone had just his first name without a “.com” written on the tag? I’d write “dima”.

  15. I hear you, we are still waiting for the squatter go get off our unhyphenated url.

  16. I LOVE that one girl’s #FAIL necklace! How fabulous!