CardsInk is for notecard design what Threadless is for T-Shirts. It’s a place where you can buy cards that are crowdsourced designs by its audience. The users vote on cards and the highest rated ones get printed. The designer gets paid $100. If they reprint the card the designer gets $50 for each reprint.

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  1. thanks for the information, love your blog too!

  2. Hmm…looks like the site is down right now. Maybe your post brought it more traffic than it can handle!

    Sounds like an amazing idea to me, can’t wait to check it out as soon as the site is back up.

  3. Sameer, the site is up again.

  4. we have a similar site here in Malaysia go check it out!

  5. Now that’s nice, if only I’d known in time for Christmas… next year though :) Thanks!

  6. Threadless is one of my favorite sites and from the looks of this, I’ll end up loving CardsInk just as much. Thanks for sharing this!