Paper Roll Forest Cutout

Paper Roll Forest Cutouts by Yuken Teruya — a master in transforming everyday objects into beautiful works of art.

(via lushlee)

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  1. Very cool, looks very labor intensive. I wonder if the paper curls over time though…

  2. My son and me did something funny with paper rolls sometime ago. There are some pictures here:

  3. Just dropping by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas
    and a big thank you for your friendship throughout the past year.
    From a very snowy UK
    Di (Designers Block)

  4. WOW. Apart from a sharp eye, Teruya’s clearly also got a very sharp stanley knife!

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Very fine work. I imagine the curling is part of it.

  6. I love it.

    I’m afraid I’ll stop throwing paper rolls away.

  7. it’s a good reminder that paper comes from trees.

  8. so pretty….from something so plain!

  9. Wow! Amazing – I wish I had the patience to do something like this!

  10. Your son is a prat.

  11. Very creative.

  12. Fantastic, great imagination.
    I am a weaver, I wish my work allowed me to work in 3D like this.

  13. crazy roll paper

  14. How wonderful to see beauty in even something as lowly as a toilet paper roll. Wonder did the inspiration come to you while finding the fact that there was no more paper waiting to be used? :-)

    Realy very beautiful work thanks for revealing it!

  15. Dig these, immensely.

  16. fantastic , wonder how it was cut?

  17. Reminds me of a bunch of toilet paper rolls, but then I am just not that artistic.

  18. love the idea, love the shapes, love the shadows, love the feeling of magic!

  19. Somewhere along the same lines is artist Peter Callesen, who makes amazing paper works:

  20. Yea, nice but maybe the extensive time required to do this would be better off spent on a tube of another type of thick paper rather than a sitter paper.

  21. Not sure if you have seen this.. but I recently discovered the clever art of Su Blackwell and how she literally makes books come to life using paper art.

  22. inspiring and smilemaking. Thanks!

  23. this is great.. i mean totally awesome
    the play with light and shadows is so
    intentional and so thought.
    Great work man!!!

  24. Tree to cardboard to imitation trees….

  25. Nice pice of work! You must be rally patient to do such a think! Impresive!