CreativeMorning with Charlie Todd


(Look, we’re all loving our FieldNotes.Thank you Jim!)


(How cool is this Christmas Tree by Ian Trask which is part of Recession Art?)

Today’s CreativeMorning with Charlie Todd of ImprovEverywhere was a huge success. His talk was incredibly entertaining, I don’t think the crowd has ever laughed so much at a CreativeMorning. A big thank you to Lucien Zayan, the wonderful host at the Invisible Dog Space and to Jim Coudal over at FieldNotes for sponsoring breakfast. Here are all the photos of today’s event.

45 cancelations & no-shows today. Does one really need to start a black list, or as Cameron calls is the ‘swissmissed-list’? :(

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  1. I didn’t sign up. I wanted to go but my invisible dog had too much work to do. See you in January.

  2. As someone with horribly self-serving interests, maybe instead of focusing on how to penalize those who don’t show up, reward those who do show up.

    I know I would definitely appreciate an early alert or something to sign up for upcoming CreativeMornings. Then after a half day/day/something, it can be opened up to the general public.

    That way instead of finding ways to punish those who fail to arrive, you can use some positive encouragement to show your appreciation to those who do arrive. Plus you can probably be assured that you won’t have people who have been able to show up in the past not show up to later events, as opposed to hoping newcomers are all awesome people (not that most aren’t!).

    (Of course, as I said, I’m horribly self-serving with this recommendation, since I definitely want to go to the next one and any ones which will come after the temporary hiatus, and anything that gives me a better chance to keep showing up sounds good in my book.)

  3. It was a great talk, and the space is absolutely amazing. Thanks for making this happen, and looking forward to the next one in January.

  4. really looking forward to the next one! I really enjoyed today’s creative morning, A great way to start a morning, laughing. That space was amazing too, I especially loved the elevator!!

  5. Hard call on that, Tina. It’s a lot different for me as a freelancer right now because I’m able to freely shift things around and fully dedicate my attendance to CreativeMorning. Were I to have a normal office job, I could see the conflicts with work, even though it’s only an hour max past 9 and a Friday, no less.

    Also, not being in charge of these events, it’s hard to see if you’re more annoyed at the no-shows or embarrassed by them. Or perhaps neither of those two emotions. I guess the only hopeful thing I can add is those that do show are truly value these events and the time it takes to organize them, especially during your pregnancy. I see an overwhelming crowd of young people, and I think it’s especially valuable for us emerging designers to network and be inspired by those before us.

  6. I didn’t confirm that i was going in the first place.

  7. Wooow… i totally fall in love with this christmas tree! Totally different, but not so “kistchig” as we say in germany. Is there anywhere a “how-to” for one of these trees? I really love to do one like this for our architecture studio!

  8. Anna: The tree is going to be at the Bull and Bear Market this Sunday at the Invisible Dog. You can come check it out in person:

  9. That tree is sweet like honey.

  10. I´m sorry, but i live in Germany and will not be able to see the christmas tree in person… Is it made out of green paper with a red ribbon?

  11. this was a great talk and those that cancelled really missed out – not to mention the freebies! the room looked packed though, the space was awesome and the owner was such an interested guy.

    anna – the tree is constructed of fabric belts that were remnants from the invisible dog factory!

  12. Great morning with good laughs and a yummy breakfast. Thanks everyone that made it happen, I’m looking forward to the next ones.

    One thing I’m missing though is a way to get in touch with the people that attended the event, the 3-4 people I got a chance to chat with were really interesting and are great to have as future contacts. Some sort of mailing list or social network group would be great. Is there any way to make this happen?