Gift Idea: Fisher Chrome Bullet Space Pen

From the archives:


One of my alltime favorite gifts: Fisher Bullet Space Pen. Fun fact: Writes at any angle, underwater, over grease, in extreme temperatures – even upside down

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  1. You’re so right.
    Still in use since about 15 years.

  2. While NASA spent years developing this pen the Russians just gave their cosmonauts pencils…… Still it is kinda shiny and pretty

  3. This photo doesn’t show the length of this pen — it’s actually really short, maybe about 60% of a normal pen length. I think if it were full-size, it would be much more popular.

  4. I have also had my Space Pen for about 15 years and have yet to replace the ink cartridge.

    Way cool gift.

  5. @Matt: And you did fall for that old urban legend ;-) See

  6. I do miss my Fisher. Had it in matte black and carried w/ me all the time until one night in Hoboken. After a few too many, it was lost to the streets.

  7. Or you could buy a pencil…

  8. Sure, you could use a pencil… and prey that the graphite doesn’t break off in zero gravity and get into your eye, anything electronic, contaminate food, contaminate your scientific experiments or get in your spacesuit.

    And how would you sharpen it safely?

  9. I agree with Prescot Perez-Fox.
    The Space Pen always seemed too small for my lummox hands, so mine’s still enshrined in a disused desk drawer.

  10. @Scott: it’s to small even when you put the cap on the back of it to extend the overall length of the pen?

  11. Does anyone know if it writes over adhesive residue? I use white-out tape as temporary labels on a number of things and haven’t found a pen that writes over the adhesive residue with any reliability. Pencil tends to get smeared even in the short-term.

  12. Best thing about the fisher IS the short length. Closed it will fit in your wallet. (well, my wallet anyway)

  13. I have a fisher, and yes its a bit short. I also suggest the pocket clip for it as well, because its so smooth it will roll anywhere and can and will manage to become lost. Again, due to its size and shape.

  14. I need one of these!

  15. I bought this pen for my father. From one Seinfeld fan to another.

  16. These pens are a must, how many times do you pick up a pen and when you need it most in does work