Oblo® didactic puzzle


Here’s a toy that just completely won me over just by looking at it: Oblo by Marko Pavlovic was conceived as three dimensional, didactic puzzle. In order to obtain a successful progress from one level to the next, one needs to find the right extracting position for each removable piece to enable its smooth passage through the fixed shape open space provided. I want to play with it!

(via @behance)

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  1. Love the toy, would love to know more about out it – the Oblo link doesn’t work.



    PS: Love your blog – it’s my favorite =)

  2. Christina, I fixed the link. Sorry about that.

  3. This looks like great fun until I stumble over a piece barefoot in the dark. Pointy!

  4. Great job! Where can you buy it?

  5. Looks like a trinomial cube – a piece of Montessori teaching material. Would have been designed back in 1915 or so!


    In fact, all the Montessori materials are beautiful objects – would look great in a studio!

  6. Hi guys,

    Oblo is not in production because the project is not finished yet.
    At this point am working intensively on resolving production issues and documentation so it’s hard to give any release date.

    Matt, how can sphere look like a cube? :D

    Marko Pavlovic

  7. The dreaded trinomial cube! It about drove my 3 year old crazy!

  8. Soon available !


    Marko Pavlovic