is that an iPhone or a MiniMac?

iCooli makes your iPhone look like a MiniMac. Cute. I want one.

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  1. lol what a name, “iCooli” sounds like a virtual ballpen in swiss.

  2. That’s cool. I want one too.

  3. Love it. Now if only I had an iPhone.

  4. iWant

    … a better name.

  5. @Xarem, it sounds much, much worse in spanish :)

  6. Now if only someone would make/design a charger/speaker variation of this so you could set up your Iphone as an alarm clock, (or whatever) in a small space.

  7. It’s iClooly, not iCooli.

  8. I am glad that I am not the only one that makes spelling errors.

  9. the apple designers are probably upset they didnt come up with this! perfectly synergistic to their design.

  10. cute? check. ridiculous? check.

  11. Accessories for Apple Product > Apple products

  12. this is pretty cool! I should buy one for my IPhone :)

  13. What a great little idea, there are so few well designed extras for the iphone, unless apple have designed it then they are mostly ugly.

    But this looks great, though you’d have to make sure you kept your eyes on the road and weren’t distracted by it!

  14. My studio mate just got one. It’s so stinking cute! (gasp)

  15. I love it! It looks so cute and sleek as a mini mac.

  16. Lovely idea…except imho I think the proportion of the stand to the iphone is not there. The metal base support seems too big/tall, and the hole in the back is a bit big in relation to the size of the base support.

    Just something I noticed right away anyway.

  17. That’s very cool! Let me buy one for my iPhone.

  18. I haven’t wanted anything so much since those Blade Runner-esque glowing umbrella they had on that geek-toys site a while back…

  19. Bought one – hoped it would be “apple quality” … The frame and back is made out of cheap plastic. Was quite disappointed