Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton is a Philadelphia based designer. Love his work.

(via hardfeelings)

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  1. FINALLY! mikey burton on swissmiss!!!!

  2. The black cat (named Vinyl) on the record player is the business card for my favorite local record shop Music Saves!

  3. I was present at his first lecture. He is a great guy and very passionate about his work! I loved it!

  4. Wow! I feel honored to be featured! Thanks so much.

  5. My pleasure Mikey. Any chance one can buy a print of that cat illustration?

  6. I wish it was a print… it was a business card for my friends record store in Cleveland. I can send you one of the cards if you’d like. Maybe it needs to become a print.

  7. You should consider selling it as a print. Maybe with a small tiny inprint of the record store’s url?

  8. I love when simplicity can still be surprising and fun!

  9. Way to go Kent State Alum!

  10. My buddies at Music Saves are pretty keen about making the art prints (especially now)… I’ll let you know when they are hot off the letterpress!

  11. Mikey is all over the place! Rock on man.

  12. nice job, mr. burton! :)