♥ / Ford Fiesta Movement

A big thank you to Ford for sponsoring this weeks swissmiss RSS feed:

Ford is currently seeking 20 teams of creative duos from across the United States to help create and inspire art collaborations in public spaces for the upcoming launch of the Ford Fiesta. Ford is offering public spaces and resources to work with local artists to bring your ideas and passions to life.

Participating teams will have access to a Ford Fiesta with gas and insurance before the US launch, an opportunity to showcase their work in their cities, and considerable attention as agents in the second chapter of the highly successful Fiesta Movement.

The application only takes a few minutes to complete – but hurry, the deadline is February 7th. Visit fiestamovement.com to apply.

(Speaking of Ford Fiesta, some of you might remember the video where Jake Bronstein took me shopping on one of his Ford Fiesta Movement Missions.)

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