88 Illustrations from REWORK

All 88 Illustrations from Rework, the new business book from 37signals, now assembled in a Flickr Set. (Smart move, 37Signals!)

The above illustrations are all by Mike Rohde.

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  1. While I have yet to pick up a copy of the book, these illustrations are downright inspirational on their own. I’m convinced: I must get this book!

  2. I wasn’t planning on reading this book but after seeing these illustrations. I’m curious to give the book a try.

  3. Tina, thanks for the mention!

    I’m very pleased to hear so many people enjoying the illustrations and even being convinced to read the book based on them.

    I’ve also written “Illustrating REWORK” a 2-part guest post on my illustration process for the 37signals company blog, Signal vs. Noise:

    Part 1: Concepts & Sketching Ideas:

    Part 2: Inking & Production: