If I was a piece of furniture I would be…

At yesterday’s CreativeMornings, with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy as the speaker, I asked the following question: If I was a piece of furniture I would be …. See more answers over on flickr.

What would you be?

(thank you Sara Wasilausky, for taking the photos)

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  1. i would be:
    heywood wakefield

  2. A steamer trunk. For this very reason. Go to 1’50”.

  3. picture frame…

    love your blgo.

  4. covered in dog hair (and dogs)

  5. If I were a piece of furniture, I should be Philippe’s Starck original Mr Bliss, dressed in funky colours!

  6. …discarded.

  7. Minimal, I totally agree with Nicholas! But I’d have the irony to carry an old fashioned lamp on the top of me :)


  8. … an outdoor daybed.

    Here in Phoenix, AZ, you don’t want to be indoors on a day like today.

  9. What a great idea to get conversations started and give a fresj twist to kick offs, workshops and every thing! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I would be a chair, and utter mild threats at anyone who tried to sit on me (like this guy: http://www.marcjohns.com/blog/2010/01/if-you-sit-on-me.html ).

    I absolutely love this nametag/icebreaker idea, by the way! Keep sharing them for us unfortunate souls who cannot be there in person.

  11. I would like to be a chair, but I worry that I’d wind up a cat scratching post.

  12. I would be a lumpy mattress . . . regrettably the similarities are astonishing.

  13. an antique library table

  14. white wooden shelf

  15. i like the picnic table answer, so funny :)