Sleep Box

After a rough night with little swissmister, I am dreaming of a Sleep Box (and a nanny that comes with it to take care of the little man while I take a nap).

(thank you Karen)

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  1. If only, right! Doesn’t Google have something like this at their offices in CA?

  2. I wrote a review of this sleepbox earlier this year (, but I actually had never seen the video before! Thanks SwissMiss for sharing it!

    And for those who can’t wait for the sleepbox to spend a “wonderful night at the airport”, they can always check “The Guide to Sleeping in Airports” ( and “The worst, and best, airports to sleep in” (


  3. The beds look a little short. I’m 6′ -2″ and would need just a little more room to get comfortable.

  4. This is awesome! So urban. Commodious enough (sic!) and stylish. I’d leave my office for a couple of hours to try one downtown.

  5. A perfect spot to rendezvous after you meet someone special on that long flight to Amsterdam.

  6. I keep imagining children running between them and knocking on the doors–waking the occupant. They look comfortable, though.

  7. more like a “Quickie” Box ;)

  8. how much should we pay to use it for an hour?