The Story of the Chinese Farmer

How many parts?


Always Coming Back To This One

My favorite. Of all time.


How cool is this Korean Drum Dance?

Amit Gupta

I had tea with Amit last week and it reminded me of his heartfelt XOXO talk from 2015. It will rip your heart wide open.

YelloPain: My Vote Dont Count

Thank you Kottke, for finding this: In his new music video, My Vote Dont Count, rapper YelloPain provides an excellent 4-minute summary in the sprit of Schoolhouse Rock of the importance of voting, particularly in midterm elections and with a focus on Congress and state legislatures.


My latest obsession: Kodo – Japanese Drummers. I have their albums on repeat on Spotify. Talk about energizing. I am determined to see them perform live.

The Science of the Soul

As someone who grew up with a dad who did past-life regressions in our living room on a regular basis I reveled in this Science of the Soul piece.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

The first and last time Mister Rogers sang “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” on TV. My heart!

What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

(via The Kid Should See This)

Lenny Kravitz – Again

I have rediscovered Again by Lenny Kravitz. Playing on repeat. So good.

Helicopter Install of Power Line Marker Balls

I will never look at those Power Line Marker Balls the same way again.


The Zero Waste Town

Blow Torch And Hair Dryer Popcorn

This video on How to Make Popcorn Using a Blow Torch & Hair Dryer is pure delight. Kudos to the creative duo of Zita Bernet and Rafael Sommerhalder.

Fantastic Fungi

That’s the trailer for Fantastic Fungi, a feature-length documentary about the worldwide network of mushrooms & mycelium that thrives beneath our feet. I am beyond intrigued and am a complete mushroom aficionado.

What Can Make You Irresistible?

Giotto Circle

James Nares "Giotto Circle #2" from Kasmin Gallery on Vimeo.

Cooking Lobster

This scene! I will never think of steak the same way. “We should have gotten steak, because they don’t have legs, they don’t run around.”

Marble Machine

This is pretty magical.

The Idea

The Idea from Blue Zoo on Vimeo.


Moon Ribas

I am currently attending The House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon and one of the speakers that stopped me in my tracks was Moon Ribas. She has implants that let her feel earthquakes happening around the earth. She is the co-founder of the Cyborg foundation, together with Neil Harrison.


Saying Goodbye to the Person You Used To Be

SoulPancake traveled to Springfield, Missouri to visit Kyle who is putting on “A Funeral for the People We Used to Be.” He is collecting submissions from people of all the things they want to let go about the past so he can burn them in a cardboard viking ship. Submit yours here.

Kyle is the person who had a Viking funeral for his 20s.

Marco Polo Video Chat App

I just discovered the Marco Polo Video Chat App and I am intrigued. With my family and a lot of my friends living in different parts of the world, I often find it hard to stay in touch beyond just text and email. Marco Polo seems to have cracked this nut. You can talk/ aka record a video message when you’re on the go, between appointments, whenever it’s convenient for you. Your friend can watch in real time or later. Unlike other video apps, you don’t need to be live. It’s safe and private. So, that means, no likes, no comments. Dreamy!

Drinking Water from Air

This man is a hero.