The Art of Disappearing

Really enjoying it starting 1:19.

The Wine Not the Label

I keep cracking up about this. One of my favorite Schitt’s Creek scenes.

How to Do Nothing

I enjoyed this talk. In her first book, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, multi-disciplinary artist and writer Jenny Odell argues that taking control of our attention from the capitalist forces determined to monetize it and reconnecting with the world around us is a critical form of resistance.

Take A Breath

Always coming back to this one.

5-Step Plan for Shorter, More Productive Meetings (1976)

John Cleese Presents His 5-Step Plan for Shorter, More Productive Meetings (1976)

A Love Not Meant For Me


A Whale Saved My Life

This is moving. Deeply moving.

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Sadeck Waff

Stunning. Thank you for your gift, Sadeck Waff.

Dear White Parents

Dear White Parents offers an intimate view of enlightening, sometimes uncomfortable, family discussions focused on parents helping their children understand racism through current events and sharing their own stories about how they first became aware of racism.

The website Dear White Parents is a remarkable resource to help us raise an anti-racist generation. Have a look at the curated library of age-driven resources and discussion guides, as well as anti-racism workshops and discussions. I appreciate the work that went into this.

Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom

My heart needed to hear this beautiful lecture today. I can’t say it enough but Tara Brach is a national treasure. So grateful my friend Maria introduced me to her work when I was going through a hard time 6 years ago. Her meditations and talks are grounding and expansive.

Confidence is Overrated

I love Debbie Millman.

Simon Giertz | Puzzle Table

This made me smile.

How to Stop Languishing and Start Finding Flow

Zen Garden

This is incredibly calming to watch.

Shared Earth

Never not dreaming of a simpler life.


Never Too Small

What a beautiful small space!


Link Pack

Tenderly by Roland Tempelaar

How Should We Meet? And Who Decides? by Priya Parker

– This is so real and shows how broken most of the web is today: This is how we experience the internet today.

– I like the look of this refillable mouthwash container.

These ceramic heads make me smile.

– Whoa, design-y toilets from France.

– Random and weirdly delightful: Teaching cats to ring a bell

Parents Are Not Okay. We’re not even at a breaking point anymore. We’re broken. By Dan Sinker

Nature Track is a podcast that opens a window on the beautiful sounds of the Australian wilderness. These long, uninterrupted soundscapes are the perfect relaxing soundtrack for your work, exercise, meditation or sleep.

Miniature Calendar (via)

You’re Still Exhausted, by Anne Helen Petersen (via)

– A few years back, Lara Hogan wrote the book Demystifying Public Speaking. Now she made it available online, for free. (Via Kai)

– Yes to these ultra-absorbent, washable cloths. They are free of all plastics, petrochemicals.

Questions Jason Fried asks when checking references. (The question I always ask is “Would you hire this person again?”)

Hair-ties that look like bracelets. Smart.

Ikea is launching a furniture buyback program

Stoop concerts. I love you Brooklyn.

The Humane Home, a sustainable living guide. Via Kai Brach’s remarkable Newsletter Dense Discovery.

– Come work with me! CreativeMornings is hiring a Support Coordinator. You will make friends around the world. Seriously.

– Pretending is fun. Put some Tattly on you.

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Finding Your Hammer

Adam Robinson shares some wonderful nuggets of wisdom in this DO Lectures talk from 2017. My favorite: “In any interaction, create fun and delight for the other person with enthusiasm!” And the notion of ‘rehearsing your best self’ every day.

Cats and Domino

The Best Cover Letter Ever Written

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads “the Best Cover Letter Ever Written”. Glorious.

How To Cut Every Cheese

The path to my heart is paved with cheese.

(via my bud Chris)

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding

(The embed code was disabled, click though to watch over on YouTube)

I am writing this post, with my bare feet firmly planted on grass, outside a Swiss farmhouse where I currently spend some vacation time. This documentary blew my mind and most likely explains why I have been craving so much time in nature, touching and being in close connection to soil.

Bike Riding the Rails

I agree with Kottke, definitely filing this under “Things I Definitely Want to Do Sometime”: riding electric-assist railbikes through a California redwood forest.