(testing our To-Do App called TeuxDeux)

Want to know what your site looks like on an iPad, but don’t own one? Try iPadPeek.com.

(thank you @suparabbit)

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  1. this is great, good find!

  2. Sorry, I don’t get it.

    Is this site for people who are not able to resize their browser windows to 1024×768?

  3. It also displays flash movies… there is no flash on the ipad, doh!

  4. Not accurate representation of what sites would look like, re Flash. If you visit any site with flash content it plays just fine in ipadpeek.com. And as Steve Jobs has made mouth-foamingly clear, that’ll happen over his dead body. ;) All it does is resize sites to the ipad screen dim’s.

  5. Cool! Now I really want an IPad..I don’t need one, but I want it

  6. I don’t get it… is this an app? is this a future project? is it a dream? is it for whom?

    As I said – I don’t get it

    / nei
    // reply?

  7. P.S. With that name, I was expecting another handheld email device…

  8. It’s also not even rendering mobile Safari correctly – two bugs I found when viewing my site on an iPad yesterday don’t appear on ipadpeek.com.

  9. Thank you, looks good!

  10. This is a GREAT resource!

  11. Hello??? Swiss Miss ???

    I’m not trying to be snide or disruptive – but – please tell me, What is this? I go to your link and there is this template there – can’t type on it it doesn’t look like the above graphic from this page I am commenting from – so, once again, What is it??

    Hello Swiss Miss, just what am I missing here, I would really like to know.


  12. Ahhh now TeuxDeux is even better… looks great on the ipad!!!

  13. Flash is not a real problem. These are:

    1) Nothing is displayed in its native resolution. Sites wider than 1024 will be scaled down to 1024, which kind of makes sense. BUT, sites optimized for a normal 1024 screen is ALSO scaled to occupy exactly 1024pixels, so if your page uses a 960px grid, for example, it will be scaled up a tiny bit. It may not be much, but it completely destroys the pixel-perfection of most sites. You can also see halo effects on pictures that are already sharpened. This is driving me nuts. Apple should code the browser such that the page is displayed in its native resolution when it’s very close to 1024 px wide. Or perhaps it’s time we give up optimizing for a fixed width…

    2) font-face doesn’t work yet. Typekit will have a solution soon, I think, but until then you won’t see the same thing on iPad as you see in a desktop browser. (Teux Deux does not use @font-face so it’s not affected.)

  14. @Coutch,

    Not sure what you are referring to but the Screenshot is of TeuxDeux, a To-Do-Application I designed: http://teuxdeux.com/ You can create an account for free and then you’ll see what you see in that screenshot.

    The site I was linking to in my post is http://ipadpeek.com . Hope this helps.


  15. An iPad simulator is such a cool idea, but this one kinda fails. Flash still displays and the font issues seen on the iPad aren’t really replicated here. Maybe they’ll keep revising it?

  16. http://ipad2peek.com is also an awesome site to check out!

  17. people you have to change the user agent for this to work. google it.

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