Paola Antonelli, CreativeMornings

Yet another fantastic write-up of a CreativeMornings by Paul Soulellis:

Paola talked about design of course, and how the design community in NYC has shifted during the last 16 years. She started by comparing Milan’s regional strength (design) to New York’s (art) in 1994, when she arrived here. There’s a kind of normalcy in the way design belongs to life in Europe, and how it breeds a kind of everyday design culture that she felt was lacking in America (I admit, I still feel this). She traces this inferiority complex back to the 18th century, when we began importing culture from France. But she recognized New York’s strength in contemporary art (“in Italy art ended with Dada”) and today she traced the coming-together of art, design and architecture through technology and economic crisis from 1994 until now.

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