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Talk to Me is an exhibition on the communication between people and objects that will open at The Museum of Modern Art on July 24th 2011. It will feature a wide range of objects from all over the world, from interfaces and products to diagrams, visualizations, perhaps even vehicles and furniture, by bona-fide designers, students, scientists, all designed in the past few years or currently under development.

As you can tell, our net is cast very wide and the exhibition happens at the end of a long hunting and gathering exercise. The team over at MoMA put together an online journal that will document the process and progress of Talk to Me.

At they will share their findings, considerations, and explorations as they research, investigate, travel and hear from their networks of designers, artists, scientists and scholars.

Under the queue tab you’ll find projects that piqued MoMA’s interest and are awaiting further research, whereas if something is tagged as checked, it has already gone successfully through that phase and it sits in their preliminary database, which will not be final until, probably, the opening day of the show.

By allowing you behind the scenes of Talk to Me, the MoMA Team hopes not only to shed some light on the curatorial process, but also to gather feedback in the form of comments to the posts, free-floating ideas, and suggestions.


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  1. i had a project that found itself in the queue and then finally landed in the pets and fairytales page!

    thanks, as always, for organizing the creative morning meetings, including the most recent one at MOMA.