Here’s a nifty little app called urlist, which let’s you create lists of links that you then can share easily. This is excellent for project research. Your client can send you a list of links of sites he likes. Or you can work on a research list together with your collegues. Or let’s say, you are in the market for a new dining room table and you want to have a joint list of bookmarks with you husband. Love it.


(thank you daniele)

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  1. As for me it’s better to use google docs. Or email :)

  2. This is very useful. Thanks Tina!

  3. swiss miss, don’t forget to represent women!!
    *Your client can send you a list of links of sites he OR SHE likes!

  4. Their feedback form is very elegant. Just a few lines of HTML and a few lines of JS code. I like it!

  5. To betsy- As a woman, I’m sick of other women picking on meaningless representations that don’t empower women at all. Get on with your life. I hate to be you…. You’re probably writing to all the folks who type he instead of HE OR SHE just to prove your point.

  6. Similar web … in spanish: http://aurl.es/servicios/unificar-urls.htm . No registration required.