The Recycled Wallet

When it came time to buy a new wallet, our friends at Holstee couldn’t find what they were looking for so they designed their own, the Holstee way:

The slim Holstee wallet design holds the essentials – cash, credit cards and even has a sliding window for your ID and Metro card. Working with a family-run non-profit based in India that works to collect and recycle litter off the streets of Delhi they were able to create their dream wallet.

This vegan (!) wallet is made primarily of plastic bags and newspapers, collected off the Streets of Delhi in India. Production of this wallet helps reduce waste in Delhi, provides fair wage employment and subsidizes healthcare and education for each employee’s family. Their packing is a minimal slide insert made of (at least) 90% recycled material.

How much do I love Holstee? (spreading arms faaar) Thiiiiiis much!

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  1. These guys continue to make reuse cool. I’ve heard Michael Cera has one. :-)

  2. Makes pockets functional again. Oh, and Metro Card slider is kind of a big deal.

  3. wow!!!!…this wallet looks pretty awesome and i love the story behind it…

  4. I’ve already ordered one of this wallets!

  5. This is exactly like my wallet, but not made by Ted Baker.

    You mean to say there isn’t one already in the whole of NYC?

    And when somebody says “your wallet’s rubbish” you can reply “yes it is – thanks!”

  6. I was looking for a new wallet this week and this one is perfect! I just ordered one and I look forward to the first time I can slide my transit card out of the wallet on my daily commute. Thanks for posting this!