♥ / Dirty Coast Press

A big giant thank you to Dirty Coast Press for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Dirty Coast Press launched in early 2005. After Katrina their designs became in demand as a very needed badge of honor and conversation starter about why New Orleans matters. Dirty Coast Press focuses on designs that only those who understand New Orleans and Louisiana might get. They are hyper-local in that respect however have customers in every state and now, all over the world. Folks being a New Orleanian, wherever they are.

Over 2,000,000 free stickers and 80+ shirt designs later, as well as an amazing community surrounding their brand, Dirty Coast Press is proud to keep the conversations about New Orleans and Louisiana going.

Check out some of my favorite Dirty Coast Press Designs: Second Line Till You Drop, Turdrucken and Savior.

Dirty Coast is the brain-child of Creative Director Blake Haney who is with The Canary Collective.

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