Mudra Bracelet

I have recently been trying to live my life more open heartedly. This Mudra Bracelet which will serve as a wonderful reminder. The mudra is a spiritual hand gesture made by the Buddha. Ordered!

All The Feelings Enamel Pin

Totally feeling this All The Feelings Pin.

Poketo Steps Tee

Love this minimal shapes Tee by Poketo.

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

My friend Ilana gifted me this Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch yesterday. This is the most delightful and smile inducing accessory I have ever owned.

Cats Kill

I laugh every time I see this CATS KILL T-Shirt. But I guess it’s only funny if you live in the NYC area and are in the on the joke. (There’s an area upstate of NYC called The Catskills)

Weird Kid

I love this t-shirt by James Victore: “The things that made you weird as a kid – make you great today!”

This Top:

Who is this by? I love it.

Yuikoubou Awai Earrings

These Ha-ne (wing) earrings are gradient-dyed with natural indigo on 100% hand spun aoso ramie natural fiber. Beautiful!

Minimal Tee

I am not a t-shirt person but this minimal one by Everlane won my heart.

Eames Coat Rack T-Shirt

I’d wear it.

Hand-knit, Sculptural Jewelry

Absolutely loving this hand-knit, sculptural jewelry by Nora Fok.

Shape Shape Shape Shape

Loving these bold, ceramic necklaces by Brooklyn based Shape Shape Shape Shape.

Professional Enthusiast

This sweater gets my two thumbs up.

(Thank you Wendy)

Clouds Sweater

This sweater!

Oversized Necklace Letters

I like the idea of wearing an oversized necklace letter.

Ha-ne Earrings

Ha-ne means wing in Japanese and these are wing-like light weight earrings handcrafted using locally grown natural fiber in the Tohoku region, Japan. Lovely.

Amsterdam Necklace

I’d wear this.

Fearless Girl by Skylar Yoo

I saw this shirt over on Skylar Yoo and couldn’t help but think this should have been part of my daily uniform for the past two years. I have tackled so many big things in my life headfirst that are absolutely terrifying but once pushed through will change everything. Also, does it come in kids sizes? I think my daughter could use it as well, given she is just about to head into her teen years.

Library Stamp Sweatshirt

Express your love for libraries in this vintage library stamp-inspired long sleeve.

Closed Mondays

This large Circle Handbag by Closed Mondays made me gasp! What a beauty! Definitely wish listed!

Moon From Apollo 13

Slowfactory launched a new silk scarf with an image of the Moon taken from Apollo 13 mission in April, 1970 with a Hasselblad film camera. A beauty!

Meet Kowalski!

For a little over a month now I have been using my new Kowalski bag by FREITAG and I have grown to absolutely LOVE it! It’s made out of super durable truck tarp and weatherproof. It’s a backpack but a stylish one. Numerous folks have stopped me and asked about it. Kowalski gets two thumbs up!

My love for FREITAG bags is a deep one. They last forever, are Swiss made and are simply super cool.

Rainbow Bow Tie

Buy this fun rainbow bow tie, wear it proudly and feel good about the fact that 100% of the sales will support LGBTQ rights. Thumbs up!

Sculptural Fabric Brooch

This sculptural fabric brooch made me swoon. Stunning! Seriously wish listed!