Keyboard Puffer Jacket

This Keyboard Puffer Jacket by Liminal made me smile.

nooworks jumpsuits

Nooworks makes the *coolest* jumpsuits! I am a fan!

Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

The Max Bill Chronoscope Watch makes my heart beat faster.

Bruce Lee “Be Like Water” Wristband

Love this rugged leather wristband laser engraved with one of Bruce’s most famous quotes – “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Cylinder Bar Stud Earrings

I am so happy I discovered these minimal cylinder bar stud earrings over on Etsy.

“Everything Here is Wonderful” Bandana

I can get behind this Bandana’s message.

Color Wheel Socks

These socks make me happy.

Confetti Pom Pom Earrings

These Confetti Pom Pom Earrings make me happy.

Color Wheel Socks

These Color Wheel Socks make me so very happy.

This Winter Coat! OMG!

This sculptural winter coat by Moncler stopped me in my tracks. There’s also a dress that goes with it. I love EVERYTHING about this!

Cutting Mat Scarf

This Cutting Mat Scarf by Naomi Nomi is brilliant. (Whispers: Hoping for a black version.)

(via Carly)

Quilt Cloak

YES to this Quilt Cloak by Haptic Lab.

Veja x Oliver Jeffers Sneakers

This collaboration between Oliver Jeffers and Veja is wonderful.

Mudra Bracelet

I have recently been trying to live my life more open heartedly. This Mudra Bracelet which will serve as a wonderful reminder. The mudra is a spiritual hand gesture made by the Buddha. Ordered!

All The Feelings Enamel Pin

Totally feeling this All The Feelings Pin.

Poketo Steps Tee

Love this minimal shapes Tee by Poketo.

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

My friend Ilana gifted me this Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch yesterday. This is the most delightful and smile inducing accessory I have ever owned.

Cats Kill

I laugh every time I see this CATS KILL T-Shirt. But I guess it’s only funny if you live in the NYC area and are in the on the joke. (There’s an area upstate of NYC called The Catskills)

Weird Kid

I love this t-shirt by James Victore: “The things that made you weird as a kid – make you great today!”

This Top:

Who is this by? I love it.

Yuikoubou Awai Earrings

These Ha-ne (wing) earrings are gradient-dyed with natural indigo on 100% hand spun aoso ramie natural fiber. Beautiful!

Minimal Tee

I am not a t-shirt person but this minimal one by Everlane won my heart.

Eames Coat Rack T-Shirt

I’d wear it.

Hand-knit, Sculptural Jewelry

Absolutely loving this hand-knit, sculptural jewelry by Nora Fok.