BMW + iPad

Being a complete iPad afficionado, I am thrilled to see concepts like this. According to this blogpost, BMWs will soon feature iPad docking bays on back seats, which swivel and rotate. Using ConnectedDrive, the car will act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing iPads and other devices to connect online.

And by the way, I drive a BMW in my dreams, not in real life.

(via stilsucht)

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  1. Looking at the pic, I don’t envy the driver… all that tapping away just behind his/her head is going to get pretty annoying!

  2. I would prefer the iPad be set up on the passenger side in the front. That way, when I’m driving, I can watch videos, email, surf the web and generally use the iPad while driving.
    This will take my attention off of all the drivers heading towards me with one hand at the side of their head or looking down texting.

  3. I agree. It would be annoying for the front passengers, but I also don’t think its the most ergonomical placement. Holding your arm up to interact with it for an extended period – to type for example – would get tiring. A much better placement would be lower down and at an angle.

  4. Ah…woops. I see there is a setup that is lower down. I think this will work pretty well.

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