Shelley Bernstein, today’s Brooklyn Beta Keynote speaker, mentioned ConnectTweet in her presentation today. Heading everything Social Media at the Brooklyn Museum, Shelley started using ConnectTweet to make sure that the Brooklyn Museum Twitter stream stays personal and interesting. (Nothing worse than an institution twitter stream that is taken over by boring marketing trolls.)

When you look at the Brooklyn Museum Twitter stream you notice that every tweet has a name attached to it, that then takes you to their personal stream.

I think this is a *fantastic* solution for companies/institutions that are trying to solve the ‘who should own our twitter stream dilemma’. Or as ConnectTweet put it on their site:

ConnectTweet allows the contributors to your central Twitter stream to continue to use their personal accounts that they are familiar with, no new logins to remember. This approach also allows your organization’s followers to discover the Twitter streams of the unique individuals that make up your company.

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  1. I heard about this great tool from Beth Kanter, a heroic person in social media for non profits. We started using it for our educational organization- and have it now pulling selected tweets from our team to at least two official twitter accounts (@newmediac and @MarcusInstitute).

    It is an utterly fantastic solution that allows individuals to target tweets to the other streams, and works as a great multiple amplifier.

    it’s the best thing since… well, it’s just that good.