Studio612A Intern

Studio612A, our collaborative workspace in DUMBO, is seeking a one month studio intern. (Yes, this is an experiment) What does this mean? Hang out with all of us on a daily basis and help us on a variety of projects and tasks. Enjoy our massively awesome view and listen in and participate on our daily geek talk over lunch.

Our collaborative workspace consists of designers, developers, interior designers, copy writers and bloggers. We are:

Cameron Kozcon, FictiveKin
Larry Legend, House of Legend
Rob Weychert
Jennifer Ward, Minor Details
Erica Heinz, Energy7
William Burks Spencer, Spencer Empire
Chris Shiflett, of Analog

Interested? Email us and tell us why you think you’d qualify. Make sure to include a link to your website. (You need to have either designer or coding skills and bring your own laptop.)

But wait, there’s more: Our studiomates across the hall are a superduper perk in this whole thing.

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  1. Wow that’d be a nice experience but I live all the way in Los Angeles & I don’t have a laptop :/

  2. do you accept interns from overseas?

  3. Ohhhhhhnoooes!
    Ask me again 4 years from now? I would gladly swim across the Atlantic ocean and be awesome for you! (And yes, I will mark this day in my calender and write you an email after I started, massively enjoyed & got my bachelor degree in “Kommunikationsdesign”)
    Greetings from Germany :)

  4. pretty cool experiment!
    is this experiment for people from europe too?

  5. Now that is an attractive opportunity. Unfortunately I live too far away to even consider it. Good luck to those who apply.

  6. between 8 of you, why not cough up the small amount of money to pay a proper assistant.

  7. Do note that unpaid internships are illegal, if the intern performs any work to benefit the for profit company. The department of labor announced this spring they are cracking down.

  8. Sam, we would never consider an unpaid internship.

  9. Is this a full-time or part-time internship?

  10. I’d love to learn more information about this internship! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Is it slated to start immediately? Or is it conditional to when said selected intern can go to NYC (if they don’t live there).

  11. Hello there! I have just sent you an email with some details. I am in NY for a month and would love to get involved. My website: Many thanks, Ged.

  12. So, did the Intern test work?! I would love to intern and will be in NYC thi summer from Paris…

  13. I have a full time jobs and I certainly wouldn’t mind being part of that intern program!