Rainbow Backgammon

I was big into playing Backgammon with my family growing up. So, it’s no surprise that this Rainbow Backgammon would make me very happy. Check out all the different variations of backgammon boards by Ara Peterson and his father Jack. (Warning: You might have a color seizure if you click on his site here: arapeterson.com)

(via carolsogard)

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  1. I really love that board but their website leaves me with one question: is it possible to get beyond that first seizure provoking page? I couldn’t figure that out…

  2. That’s a lovely looking board. It’s kinda hard at first to see where the points are because they alternate black and white.

    That guy certainly loves his colour.

  3. sigh… how do i get into the website? I can’t get past the crazy

  4. Tina, any chance you know where these can be bought?
    Die Flashseite ist nicht sehr hilfreich…

  5. This is beautiful! : )

  6. Wow! The pattern looks so very mid-century modern, which I love.

  7. Gorgeous boards; would love to buy one. But what’s with the website? Does it contain anything other the seizure-inducing graphics?

  8. I am now in a colour-induced hypnotic state … what is the cure ?

  9. That is a very nice backgammon board. I love the style and colors, I’m sure it would make the great game so much more appealing to children.

  10. This looks like a backgammon I’d like to have, only thing is, I can’t get past the seizure-rainbow. It’s making me so furios that I’d like to punch Ara Peterson in the face, and I’m not a violent person. Anyone with a site like that must not want people to look at or buy his work. =(

  11. you can find these at the gallery ratio3.org

  12. these are no available for purchase. looks like they were made for a gallery exhibit.