swissmiss Amazon Store

For those of you in need of some holiday shopping inspiration, have a look at my brandnew Swissmiss Store over on Amazon.

The current categories include:

My favorites
Gifts for little ones
Books for kids
Books for Designers
Essentials for new Parents

I will make sure to keep adding new products over time. Let me know if you have suggestions.

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  1. seriously cool…

  2. I have always enjoyed your posts, but lately, are you an aggregator/store/buy my wares or a professional design resource? I am beginning to lose the message. Like all the stuff you pick that I can’t afford to buy though.

  3. Great list! I consider it a resource!

  4. I like this idea, but I don’t really see why you have done it considering you have a Svpply account. Isn’t that essentially the same thing?

  5. Hey I really like a lot of the stuff on there, however Christmas is coming up and there is no way to add items from your store to my wishlst!

  6. OK, you’re the second person I’ve seen creating a gift list like this on Amazon. How do you create a page like this?

  7. Super Tina, Thanks a lot

  8. Thanx, Tina! Great list; beautiful clean format – and yeah how DID you do it? Also: you an I have the same taste!