Altitude Design Summit

I am thrilled to be attending and speaking at this week’s Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City. Postings will be sparse (if at all), as I’ll be focusing on what my fellow bloggers have to say! But no worries, I’ll be back full force starting next week.

Why don’t you share some of your favorite blogs in a comment below, so we can all discover some new blogs in the meantime? Yes? I’ll comment myself, to kick things off.

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  1. suggestions on where I can find out about these events before they happen, so I plan in advance?

  2. Is it shameful to post my own blog? ;-)
    The Electric Typewriter

    I’m loving Smitten Kitchen at the moment:

    And What Katie Ate:

    Food, food, food!

    Have fun at Alt!

  3. I just shared a post about my new blog crush: designworklife. See the post here (

    Other favorites?

    Angela Hardison

    Daily Smudge

    For Print Only

    p.s. Tina, it was so nice to meet you at Creative Mornings last week! Thanks for organizing such a great event!

  4. Hope you enjoy your time in currently-raining SLC. If you’re dying to speak Swiss-German while you’re here, my significant other lived in Zuerich for 12 years.

  5. I love the design and concept of this simple design blog:

  6. I fell in love with BLDG//WLF ( a while ago and I’m still under the charm. Great canadian blog!

  7. Strange that my links are working! Let’s try this one more time!

    The Electric Typewriter

    I’m loving Smitten Kitchen at the moment:

    And What Katie Ate:

  8. I don’t have much time to read blogs but I love browsing through pictures and let them absorb into my personal visual library. Apart from swiss-miss, here are some of my favorite blog so far



    A site with great content and sort feature. I use it for pulling swipe by the color I need!

  10. I SO wish I was there to join you guys at Alt! Hopefully I’ll be on the attendee list next year! In the meantime, I’ll continue to work on my blog,

    Here’s a few recent favs…


  11. Hi TIna, Thanks for your all your great work!!
    With Amber L on this, shameless to post my own? which has lots of blogs and sites I like to view:

  12. Wait, you’re HERE? and I didn’t know about this event??
    Have fun, the conference sounds fabulous!

  13. I love “A Photography Blog” – always a chuckle intermixed with useful info.

  14. How in the world did I miss this one. Here you are, in my backyard and I’m not available to attend. Hope you enjoy your stay in SLC.

  15. Shameless self promotion; My own photoblog. A new picture every day since Jan 1, 2010.

  16. two frequently visited:


    self promotion:

  17. I hope you are having so much fun. I have made it my personal goal to be there next year. I am following the twitter stream and wishing I could meet all my favorites! Maybe… you should post your deck? :) :) <<two smiles

  18. Have a great time!

    Check out Ashbee Design ( It’s a relatively new design blog with some really interesting home design ideas.

  19. I like the blog of Astrid Hagen, NO:

  20. How about my blog? Its one of my favorites!:)

    have a great time at alt!

  21. Burrs & Berries! A lovely fashion and lifestyle blog!

  22. How about aarboretum?

    And I really like Architectural Videos as well…

    And Talkitect

  23. Working hard as a new blogger…hopefully I’ll attend Alt next year!
    Pretty Haute Mess

    Few of my faves:
    Look Linger Love:
    The Eagle’s Nest:

  24. Very interesting blog about Art & Architecture in Spain, Europe and all over the world. Highly recommendable (in English and Spanish)

    Glad to share it with you all

  25. I hate to admit this, but before going to Alt Summit I hadn’t heard of Swiss Miss. All I can say now is, wow! You seriously were the highlight of the whole conference. The information you shared was great and you really inspired me. So, THANK YOU!

  26. Thanks for speaking at Alt! You were fabulous!!

    Here’s our room from the conference:


    Urban Weeds

    Oh So Beautiful Paper

  27. Blog About Design and Education

    And I also love:


  28. Man! Wish I could have been there! I didn’t even know about Alt Summit until it was going on, but as a new blogger, it seems like it would have been an amazing experience! Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing your recap!
    Here are a couple of my favorite blogs-

    and my little blog…