Stamps of Disapproval

This set of 12 stamps (of disapproval) made me laugh. They are a brainchild of recent RISD MFA grad Heather K. Phillips. Buy them here.

(thank you ninja)

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  1. Need to order these for the office, stat.

  2. What an honor to have been Swissmissed!

    I am the designer behind the Stamps of Disapproval series, and just wanted to post a preferable link to my shop

    To learn more about the project, please visit my webiste.

    Thanks so much for the onslaught of orders and praise!

    Heather K. Phillips

  3. awesome! reminds me of this vintage stamp ( i’ve had my eye on for a while.

  4. Ahhh…need everything in this collection…prize ribbons, stamps, pencils…might help me get through my dissertation!

  5. These would be perfect for design students at uni ;D

  6. I and my fellow high school teachers and always crack ourselves (and the kids) up with this stamp:

  7. The “Interesting” in italics is pitch perfect.