Core77 Awards

Core77 just launched their Core77 Design Awards.

They’ve include several long-over-due categories of design effort. In addition to the usual suspects, they’ve added Service Design, Design for Social Impact, Educational Initiatives, DIY (with a reduced price that will leave you enough change left for a pocketful of LEDs), and their favorite, “Never Saw the Light of Day,” honoring projects completed, but killed, in 2010. Core77 has always paid a special attention to students, so they haven’t thrown them all into the same bucket. Rather, each of the 15 categories has its own student section. 15 categories, 30 trophies. All well-earned.

Designers are great at showing and tell, so Core77 wants to provide them the opportunity to share their “real story”…beyond static jpegs and entry form text (they’ve simplified and sharpened that up too). This is your chance to make a personal connection with the jury using a low-tech, honest, look-into-the-webcam piece of documentation.