Wrap ‘N’ Mat

Wrap n Mat is good-looking reusable sandwich wrapper. It closes with velcro and is machine washable. Very cool.

(via CSYCB)

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  1. this is the perfect gift for those annoying people who wash out ziplock bags until the seams bust open!

  2. Very beautifull and usefull.

  3. Love these! Use them all the time for kid school lunches.

    Might I suggest reusit.com as another source for these:

    Good company with a wealth of environmentally-friendly products!

  4. This is awesome! I love the look and the concept.

  5. what a great idea, i want.

  6. i also have the wrap n mats from reuseit.com! they have great reviews, which lead me to the wrap n mat, and also reusies sandwich bags (http://www.reuseit.com/search?q=reusies).
    i love the patterns of lunchskins, which were mentioned above, but reviewers on reuseit.com said that they got crackly & weird after a while. not what i was looking for when trying to move away from bpa & other synthetics near food.
    i haven’t had any problems with either the wrap n mats or the reusies, and the gingham is so cute. i would definitely recommend these.