Sapling Press

Lisa of Sapling Press is high up on my list of people I’d like to have coffee with sometime.

(thank you jennifer)

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  1. …nur schade das sie von hier geklaut haben:

  2. dear anna,
    a little bummed you would suggest i stole something from my pal jared over at

    i am actually working together with jared and hans to recreate their site in stationery form as i note on my etsy site under each card i sell. but that’s ok, i ain’t mad atcha.

    also, google translate is the bomb!

    lisa from sapling press

  3. I agree, would love to have a coffee with Lisa sometime as well.. even thought we have never met and probably live on the opposite sides on the world! :)

    (my favorite postcard is about grammar who is afraid of sounding slutty :) brilliant! :)

  4. Fantastic collection. Great work Lisa.

  5. i agree! i love these!

  6. How lovely!

    :) These make me smile

  7. Haha! These are so cute.

    Great work

  8. Dear Lisa,

    i didn’t meant the idea itself, i just wondered if the person who wrote one of these sentences knows that his sentence has been printed and is for sale now.
    If the writers are payed in a way – perfect. If not…this is what i meant with “stolen”.

    And by they way: Yeah, it is a great idea! My favourite: “Dear World…..Sincerely Ninja” ;)

  9. oh my. i laughed like a maniac.

  10. In frames, they would make for a great inspiration wall. (and for times when you need to read something in front of you that will make you laugh)